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Benefits of Having Synthetic Turf on Your Property

Installing synthetic turf is an investment that pays off in the short-term and long-term with a variety of conveniences that save you time and effort year-round. The comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal of synthetic turf are just a few reasons to visit our showroom. Here are several benefits of having 321 Turf install synthetic turf on your property:

The Grass is Always Green

With synthetic turf, you get a flawless field of lush, green ground cover without the unsightly issues of natural grass. Your lawn won’t have bare spots, ruts, or browning. Instead, your grass stays beautiful year-round.

Low Maintenance

A huge perk of synthetic turf is the elimination of typical weekend labor to maintain your grass. You don’t need to water or fertilize it, and you never need to run a lawnmower over it. The absence of watering and fertilizer also helps you reduce your resource consumption and avoid pouring chemicals into the soil.

Say Goodbye to Watering and Chemicals

Artificial grass has no need for hydration or sunlight, so a shady yard and a dry summer won’t ruin it. In the same sense, you cannot overwater your synthetic lawn with an unusually rainy season or extended torrential downpour. Over the course of five years, you will break even on the cost of your synthetic turf installation.

More Fun, Less Mess

The trouble with laying on the grass is the inevitable streaks of green from the leaves and splotches of brown dirt in your clothes and on your skin. Synthetic turf frees you of those laundry headaches with a surface devoid of discoloring grass and mud. You also don’t have to worry about your pet tracking dirt into the house after playing outside.

Kid and Pet Friendly

The risks of fire ant hills and other hazards are significantly reduced with a synthetic lawn. A natural lawn is an inviting habitat for insects, snakes, and other vermin, but synthetic turf is an inorganic surface that fully covers the ground. Children and pets also enjoy the soft, comfortable feel of an artificial lawn.


321 Turf’s Professional Synthetic Turf Installation

321 Turf is a reliable source of synthetic turf for residents throughout Brevard County, FL. We serve residential and commercial clients, and our products and work help to sustain the ecosystem. Most projects we handle are riverfront and waterfront properties, and we help residents maximize their outdoor living spaces with beautifully installed synthetic turf that stays green all year long despite drought or downpour. Our products and operation are lagoon-friendly, and every property we address gets careful design that we tailor to your style and needs. Our showroom has a variety of turfs from which you can choose, and we keep you satisfied with the professional finished look of our synthetic turf design and installation services. We also provide service and repair on your existing synthetic turf to keep it in top condition and looking beautiful.

Keeping Brevard County, FL Properties Green & Beautiful

321 Turf is proud of our work at Florida homes and businesses. When you decide to replace your lawn with synthetic turf, give us a call or visit our showroom to peruse our selection of turfs. We are happy to provide you with a free detailed estimate on the turf you like and the installation costs, which incorporate measurements and price-per-measurement analysis to ensure accuracy.

The Grass is Always Greener with 321 Turf