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Benefits of Building a Living Seawall

321 Turf is an environmentally conscious company, and we incorporate environmentally beneficial practices into every project to help protect and conserve the natural waterfront ecosystem. Living seawalls are an opportunity for us to advance our earth-friendly services and promote a thriving marine ecosystem. Traditional seawalls reflect wave energy into the water, which affects other seawalls and shorelines. They also reflect the energy downward and prevent aquatic life from living there and inhibiting seagrass growth. A living seawall along the shoreline of your home or business offers a multitude of advantages over traditional seawalls, including the following:

Living seawalls reduce the force of wave energy, so it does not get reflected in the waterway. The turbidity and bottom scouring issues brought about by traditional seawalls are detrimental to the local marine life. With the living seawalls, the backlash from reflecting wave energy is not a concern.

They are built to last a lot longer than traditional vertical seawalls, and they require less material to construct them since they handle wave energy so well. This longevity and reduction in materials are beneficial for the environment and waterfront landowners as a less expensive option.

A living seawall creates a more natural-looking shoreline, as well as a friendlier marine habitat for the aquatic and shoreline plants and animals. Building a marine zone like this helps to increase the diversity as well as the density of life. A coquina rock seawall with a main grove provides nooks and crannies for sea creatures to flourish, and shoreline grasses and mangroves have an area to grow.


Living Seawalls are the Future for Florida’s Shoreline

Preserving our shorelines in Florida is crucial to protecting our homes and businesses as well as the natural environment. 321 Turf offers commercial and residential clients living seawalls for their waterfront properties, and we construct every seawall while abiding by the rules and regulations of keeping the coastline safe for marine life. With our coquina rock and main grove options, you get protection from overtopping and flooding while ensuring a safe and hospitable aquatic environment. A living seawall helps to keep the water clean and promotes biodiversity in the water. We provide service for properties throughout Brevard County, FL, with our main focus being riverfront or waterfront properties. Make sure you protect your home or business from the overtopping of waves with a structural option that benefits everybody, including the wildlife.

Call Us to Install a Seawall at Your Waterfront Property

With a living seawall, your property gets the protection it needs from the water while promoting a healthy and diverse ecosystem. 321 Turf is proud of the environmentally friendly work we do for our commercial and residential clients, and we look forward to installing a seawall at your home or business. We offer free estimates that include measurements and a price-per-measurement analysis to ensure an accurate cost for your project. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom to speak with a member of our team.

The Grass is Always Greener with 321 Turf