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The Custom Landscape Design Process

When you want a one-of-a-kind landscape design that complements your home’s aesthetic, 321 Turf will make sure you get your dream property upgrade. Our team uses up-to-date design technology to render a concept that suits your needs and style, such as AutoCAD® software for a precise layout of your new shrubs, garden beds, and other features. We listen closely to you on to ensure maximize your outdoor living space while incorporating your vision into a custom design. When we have a complete concept to show you, we use two-dimensional and three-dimensional software to give you a realistic picture of the finished project.

Expert Installation of Your New Landscape

After you approve the design, we can commence the installation at your home or business. We run the entire process using environmentally friendly materials and techniques to help preserve the water, vegetation, and wildlife. Our company prides itself on being an environmentally conscious business, and we do our part to sustain the coastline and keep it safe for marine life. During the installation, our crew keeps the work site clean and free of litter to minimize the impact on your home life and the ecosystem. When we finish, you will have a custom landscape that matches your approved design and enhances the beauty of your property.


Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Design and Installation Pros

321 Turf wants the residents and businesses in Brevard County, FL to get the property of their dreams with more square footage for their outdoor enjoyment. Our team specializes in maximizing the outdoor living space of residents and businesses while incorporating plant life and features that accentuate their style. Using high-quality materials on every project, we custom-design and install a new landscape for your property that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors year-round. For walkways, borders, and other hardscaping features, we use durable and visually appealing pavers. You can see the pavers and other landscape options for yourself at our showroom, where we are happy to answer any of your questions and make suggestions that might improve your design ideas. We mainly provide service to riverfront and waterfront properties, but all home and business owners are welcome to contact us about creating a unique and impressive landscape.

Get a Unique Landscape Concept from 321 Turf

When your commercial or residential property needs an appearance upgrade, 321 Turf has the creative touch and environmentally responsible methods to beautify your home or business. We start the process by giving you a free detailed estimate of the total cost of your landscape design and installation. This estimate includes measurements and price-per-measurement analysis so that we can provide an accurate projection of the cost. Give us a call today or visit our showroom to speak with a member of our team about your landscape enhancement needs.

The Grass is Always Greener with 321 Turf